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I am SO excited to finally get to talk to you about this!  Jeni B. and I have been talking in secret and planning out an exciting new club for you to join.  It's our awesome new Stash Stack Club!  

For those of you who are not already familiar with Jeni's eye-candy-land blog, In Color Order, last year she started an incredibly informative and well thought out series called The Art of Choosing.  In this series Jeni shows you how to recognize fabric colors, fold and organize your stash.  After you have organized your stash, she shows you how to use color theory to pull from your stash to make an amazing quilt.  

We are going to take this one step further and help you fill your stash with Jeni B. Approved stash builder fabrics.  Each month Jeni and I will put together a stack of fabrics perfect for beefing up or even starting your stash.  

What are we looking for in a stash builder fabric?  What makes a fabric excellent for stashing? 

1. Tone on tone fabrics or tone + white fabrics.  Basically, a fabric with one overall color.  Why is this important?  Fabrics like this are perfect to keep on hand because they are easy to use when supplementing a fabric line or building a scheme around a fabric line.  You will have an easier time complementing other fabrics with only one color to match.  Example:

Image by Jeni B.

2. A good variety.  I love dots as much as the next gal, but you really don't need a stack of all dots each month.  Unless you are making an all dots quilt, you will most likely want a good variety of designs to choose from in your stash.

3. Non-novelty fabrics.  Again, I love a good novelty print.  But, we want you to have a stash full of good geometric and interesting designs that you can use in a multitude of projects.  Sometimes a novelty print lends itself best to a certain type of quilt and we want your stash to be a great go to for all your needs.

4. Many Values of a color.  You need a variety of shades in your stash!  We will search out lights and darks and in-betweens for you!

I LOVE IT! Can I join your Club?

Heck yes you can!  First you have to choose if you want a Full Stack delivered to your house or a Half Stack.  A Full Stack will be 12 different prints per month and a Half Stack will be 6.  Second, choose how much yardage you would like for each print: Fat Quarters, Half Yards or a Full Yard of each.  Everyone stashes fabric in different amounts so we chose sever options to suit your individual needs.  Just click the link below of the plan you want and fill out the form!

     Full Stack = 12 prints per month. 
         Fat Quarter (18" x 22") - $30 
         Half Yard (18" x 44") - $54
         One Yard (36" x 44") - $102

     Half Stack = 6 prints per month. 
         Fat Quarter (18" x 22") - $16.50
         Half Yard (18" x 44") - $27
         One Yard (36" x 44") - $54

Click Here to read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Sign up For the July Bundle NOW!

Sign up now until July 10th to get started on the July Bundle:

July 2012 Full Stack

July 2012 Half Stack

Sign ups after July 10th will start on the August Stash Stack.  Here's our monthly color calendar!
Stash Stack Monthly Calendar:

At the beginning of each month you'll get an email showing off the new bundle for that month.  

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I hope everyone is as excited about this new club as I am!  As a Thank You for being a founding member of our Stash Stack Club use code FOUNDER10 for 10% off your first month! (expires July 10th)

Also pick up some of all the Stash Builders in stock now!  Get 15% off with code STASH15 !

Big Thanks to Jeni B and Jason for helping me set this up!! 

Written by Brenda Ratliff — June 07, 2012



Hi Brenda, is there any way we can pay with paypal – for some reason my CC will not be accepeted by your webform – it claims I have an incorrect address (I know that it is right with my bank).

Great idea for a club.

June 28 2012 at 07:06 PM


Wow I love this idea, not sure I can afford to do it as I don’t have a monthly income, but I’m guessing that bundle will also be available to buy each month in the shop?

June 29 2012 at 03:06 AM

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