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How perfectly summer-ish is this quilt?  A strawberry jam quilt from Laura at Little & Lots.

Laura made a great Washi dress out of strawberry-printed Kokka linen she bought from us, and used the scraps from cutting out the dress to make this quilt.  


There are also some Architextures, Pearl Bracelets, and Comma prints in there.  I really like how the Sketch print in Lipstick pops and brings out the pink strawberries scattered throughout the quilt.  

Read more about the Strawberry Jam quilt on the Little & Lots blog!  

Written by Megan Emberton — July 11, 2013


Laura C:

Wow, thanks so much for featuring my quilt! I think that Kokka strawberry fabric will be my favorite fabric purchase of the year. I am carefully hoarding the tiny pieces I have left to make some small accessory projects. It’s fabulous stuff!

July 12 2013 at 12:07 PM

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