Nyan Cat Dance Panel in Pink and Red from Nyan Cat by Lecien House Designers for Lecien | Modern quilting fabrics by Pink Castle Fabrics
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Nyan Cat Dance Panel in Pink and Red

SKU: 40328L-20
Collection: Nyan Cat
Designer: House
Manufacturer: Lecien
Material: Cotton
Panel Width: 23.5"

This Product is a Border Print. For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions about Border Prints.
This is a fresh and different fabric from Lecien Japan. Heavyweight cotton panel features two large white kitties, one with eyes open and one with eyes closed, on a black polka dot background, a row of four kitty faces in black and white, and two well-dressed kitties at the bottom of the panel. In between the main rows are a row of tossed kitties and a row of pink pawprints.

100% cotton. 44/45" wide.