Wild Gems - FREE PDF Quilt Pattern from Selva for Art Gallery Fabrics | Modern quilting fabrics by Pink Castle Fabrics

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Wild Gems - FREE PDF Quilt Pattern

Wild Gems - FREE PDF Quilt Pattern

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Collection: Selva
Publisher: Art Gallery Fabrics

This large lap size pattern is perfect for the intermediate quilter. Cover uses the Selva fabric collection from Art Gallery Fabrics. A very nice free quilt pattern to download.
Finished Size: 70" x 87"
Fabric Requirements:
Fabric A SLV-24516 ⅞ yd.
Fabric B SLV-24517 ⅝ yd.
Fabric C SLV-14512 ⅝ yd.
Fabric D SLV-24512 1 yd.
Fabric E SLV-24515 ⅓ yd.
Fabric F SLV-24513 ⅞ yd.
Fabric G SLV-14516 ⅞ yd.
Fabric H SLV-14510 ⅓ yd.
Fabric I SLV-14513 ⅓ yd.
Fabric J SLV-14515 ⅓ yd.
Fabric K SLV-24514 ⅓ yd.
Fabric L SLV-24511 ⅓ yd.
Fabric M SLV-14511 ⅓ yd.
Fabric N PE-433 2⅛ yd.
Fabric O PE-450 1⅛ yd.
Fabric P PE-420 ⅝ yd.
Fabric Q PE-424 ⅝ yd.
BACKING FABRIC SLV-24510 6 yds. (Suggested)
BINDING FABRIC Fabric D (Included)

This is a digital version of this pattern in .pdf form.  You will get an email with a link to download this pattern within a few hours of your purchase.

*Please note this is a PDF pattern download, you will need Adobe Reader to view this pattern.