1" Hexagon - Small Pack (100 Pieces) for PaperPieces.com | Modern quilting fabrics by Pink Castle Fabrics

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1" Hexagon - Small Pack (100 Pieces)
1" Hexagon - Small Pack (100 Pieces)

1" Hexagon - Small Pack (100 Pieces)

  • $3.75
Manufacturer: PaperPieces.com

Paper Piecing is an old method of quiltmaking which is still being used today. The cut paper piece is the finished size. You add the seam allowance as you cut the fabric, using the paper as a guide. The fabric is then basted to the paper pieces. After basting, the pieces are sewn together, edge-to-edge, with the paper inside to hold the accurate shape. Once the block is completed, the papers are removed. Complete step-by-step instructions come with each package of Paper Pieces.

Paper Piecing allows you to carry a project with you at all times tucked in a corner of your purse or a small bag. You can piece in airplanes, in waiting rooms, at hospitals, at sporting events, and traveling in the car. If you have a few minutes, you can easily take it out and work on it. No need for a special place in your house where the sewing machine can be set up. You can have a basket of fabric and Paper Pieces by the sofa or your favorite chair.

Paper Pieces are reusable. Quality recycled paper allows you to reuse each piece a number of times. Once you no longer need to sew to a piece, just pull the basting threads and the papers come out the back side of the block or quilt top. Papers in appliqued pieces are removed by removing the basting stitches, cutting the foundation fabric away from the back, inside the sewing line, and pulling out the Paper Piece, leaving a single layer of fabric. Instructions are included with each package.

Use with the 1" Hexagon Fussy Cut Finder and the 1" Hexagon Acrylic Fabric Cutting Template with 3/8" Seam Allowance to easily find and cut out the perfect pieces of fabric!