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Block of the Month 2016 - Vice Versa

Our newest Block of the Month Club is Vice Versa from Gen X Quilters!

The Vice Versa takes traditional quilt blocks and gives them a fresh twist using Cotton+Steel Basics and a fresh modern layout. With its focus on beautiful fabric and skill building, this 11 month club is a can't miss!


When you sign up for the Vice Versa BOM Club, you have the option of purchasing all at once, or month-by-month...whichever works best for you! If you purchase all at once, you'll still receive your blocks month-by-month. And as part of the club you'll receive:

  • The book Sister Sampler Quilts by AnneMarie Chany of Gen X Quilters, which includes the pattern for our Vice Versa quilt as well as two other sampler quilt patterns
  • Fabric each month to create blocks, includes binding fabric the last month.

You'll learn to sew a variety of different quilt blocks and AnneMarie's gorgeous book will show you how simple variations can make all new blocks-- each month makes two versions of one basic block pattern! Our BOM will be creating the 12" finished blocks. 

Vice Versa Block of the Month Club begins January 2016. Your first month (January) will only include the book so you have a chance to see the pattern and familiarize yourself ahead of time. Fabric will begin to ship with your February subscription.

Vice Versa is an 11-month BOM.

Just $11/ month plus shipping! (charges for shipping below)


Sign Up Now!

Vice Versa Block-Of-The-Month Club

Or gift someone you love with a year-long subscription to the Vice Versa Block-Of-The-Month!

There is an additional setup fee for your first month of the Vice Versa BOM Club. This fee covers the cost of the book you which you will use to follow the process of making the quilt all year long.


Shipping Rates

U.S. - $2.45 (USD)

Canada - $7.50 (USD)

International - $11.50 (USD)



  • This is awesome! How do I sign up? - Click on this link: Vice Versa Block-Of-The-Month Club
  • When will my first month be shipped? - All orders will be billed on the 18th of each month; if you sign up on or before the 18th of a given month, your first block will ship that month. If you sign up after the 18th, your first block will ship the following month. 
  • When will my bundle ship each month? - Your bundle will ship on the 18th of the month (or the next available shipping day if there's no USPS mail on the 18th).
  • When will my bundle be billed? - Your first month will be billed right away.  For every month after that you will be billed on or around the 18th of every month.
  • Can I add other fabric from your store to my monthly Block Of The Month Club package? - No. Sorry, we won't be able to add anything else in your envelope.
  • Can I combine other monthly clubs with this one to save on shipping? If you'd like to save on shipping by having all of your orders ship together, you can do so by signing up for a Monthly Club Box subscription! Check out our Monthly Club Box page to see how it works!
  • Can I choose what Block I get each month? - No, we will only be able to mail out bundles based on that month's selections.
  • Will binding and backing be provided as part of my Block of the Month Club? - Binding will be included but choosing a backing will be up to you!
  • I missed several months, can I still join? - Yes, absolutely!
  • How can I get the Blocks from previous months? - Email us at to ask about getting past months!
  • How do I change my Credit Card Information? - Click Here to log into your Block of the Month account information.
  • How do I cancel my membership? - Click Here to log into your Block of the Month account information.