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Color Inspirations Club

I'm very excited to introduce our newest monthly fabric club, Color Inspirations!  I'm teaming up with RJR fabrics to bring you a bundle of 10 Cotton Supreme Solids each month!  Every month I will choose a coordinating bundle of ten solid fabrics based around an inspirational photo.  None of the colors in each month will overlap during the year so by the end of the 12 month cycle you will have 120 different solids!  You can chose to make something from the bundle you get, or break it up and add fabrics from your stash!  Choose fat quarter (18" x 22") or half yard (18" x 44") cuts for your bundle!

Each month, 10 different RJR Cotton Supreme solids will be mailed to each of our club members. 

Choose one of these options:
Fat Quarters (18" x 22")  = $20 + shipping A
Half Yards (18" x 44") = $32.50 + shipping B


Shipping charges will be determined based upon plan and where your fabric is being sent. Please make sure you select the correct shipping option, or your order may not ship! Shipping charges are subject to change if the USPS rates increase. You will get plenty of notice if this is going to happen.


Shipping A 
    U.S. - $6.95 
    Canada - $14.73 
    Everywhere else (Worldwide) - $21.60

Shipping B 
    U.S. - $6.95
    Canada - $14.73
    Everywhere else (Worldwide) - $33.95

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Color Inspirations Club



  • This is awesome! How do I sign up? - Click on the Link below of the plan you'd like to sign up for:
  • When will my first bundle be shipped? - If you sign up before the 25th of a given month, your first bundle will be that month's bundle. If you sign up after the 25th, your first bundle will be the next month's bundle. 
  • When will my bundle ship each month? - Your bundle will ship on the 30th of the month (or the next available shipping day if there's no USPS mail on the 30th, Feb bundles will ship on the last day of the month).
  • When will my bundle be billed? - Your first month will be billed right away.  For every month after that you will be billed on or around the 25th of every month. This club is set to auto-renew each month so you will need to cancel or email us when you would like to stop your shipments.
  • Can I combine other monthly clubs with this one to save on shipping? If you'd like to save on shipping by having all of your orders ship together, you can do so by signing up for a Monthly Club Box subscription! Check out our Monthly Club Box page to see how it works!
  • Can I add other fabric from your store to my monthly Color Inspirations Club? - No. Sorry, we won't be able to add anything else in your envelope.
  • Can I choose what colors I get each month? - No, we will only be able to mail out bundles based on that month's selections.
  • Can I order bundles from a previous month? - We may still have bundles from that month in stock to purchase if you missed out on a certain month. Please Contact Us if you'd like to see what we have available. 
  • How do I change my Credit Card Information? - Click Here to log into your Color Inspirations Club account information.
  • How do I change my plan? I need more fabric! - Please Contact Us and we will help you change plans. 
  • How do I cancel my membership? - Click Here to log into your Color Inspirations Club account information.
  • Where can I find the Color Inspirations Patterns? - Click Here for the 2015 Printed Patterns, Click Here for the 2015 PDF Patterns. Click Here for the 2014 Printed Patterns, Click Here for the 2014 PDF Patterns.
  • Can I see an example of a Color Inspirations Bundle? - Sure! Here is 2016's Lineup!
Here are 2015's CIC bundles:

Here is 2014's Color Inspirations selection.

Please Contact Us if you have a question not answered here.