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Longarm Services - Other

In addition to longarming our own quilts, Pink Castle Fabrics serves as a drop-off and pick-up point for Thread Bear Quilting, our preferred longarm quilter. Kathy has years of longarm experience, and the experience really shows in her work. She is easy to deal with, and will even help you to pick out the quilting pattern you'd like - either from her selection of available patterns, or with a pattern you've purchased online. Kathy has very affordable prices, and very quick turnaround times. If you haven't had a quilt longarm quilted for you before, we strongly recommend talking to her about it!

All arrangements must be made with Kathy prior to dropping off your quilt with us; we're glad to serve as a convenient pick-up location for everyone, but the details of your quilt are between you and Thread Bear Quilting. If you have any questions about your quilt, you can contact Kathy at info@threadbearquilting.com.