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Monthly Club Box

Want to subscribe to more than one of Pink Castle's Monthly Clubs, but don't want to pay unnecessary shipping on each package? The Monthly Club Box is exactly what you need! Now you can consolidate all of your Pink Castle Monthly Clubs into a single package each month, saving you money in the process!


How Does It Work?

Step One: Choose the appropriate shipping option below, click the link, and sign up for a Monthly Club Box.

Step Two: Then, every time you sign up for another of Pink Castle's Monthly Clubs, just choose the "Combine with Monthly Club Box" when asked to choose shipping. If you already have other clubs through Pink Castle, send us an email at and I'll adjust the shipping on your existing clubs so they all combine with the Monthly Club Box.

Step Three: Your clubs will automatically be placed in a box for you as we cut them throughout the month, and on the 30th you'll automatically be billed for the Club Box and your package will go in the mail!

How Much Does It Cost?

The Monthly Club Box is an incredible savings over regular shipping! If you live in the U.S., the cost to add any other Monthly Club to your Monthly Club Box is $1.00, and it's just $3.00 if you live anywhere else in the world. These costs are charged to your other monthly clubs in place of normal shipping; the cost of your Monthly Club Box will always be the amount indicated below. Your Monthly Club Box always bills on the 30th, and ships the same day (unless it's a Sunday). 


Club Box - US Shipping - $7.50/month

Club Box - Canadian Shipping - $24.85/month

Club Box - International Shipping - $35.15/month


As always, if you need any help getting your club set up, contact us - we'd love to help you!



  • When will my first Club Box be shipped? - Your first Club Box will ship about the 30th of the month you sign up (and if you sign up in February it'll ship about the 28th).
  • When will my Club Box ship each month? - Your Club Box will ship around the 30th of each month, with weekends and holidays sometimes causing slight delays. 
  • When will my Club Box be billed? - Your first month will be billed right away.  For every month after that you will be billed on the 30th of each month. This club is set to auto-renew each month so you will need to cancel or email us when you would like to stop your shipments.
  • How do I change my Credit Card Information? - Click here to log into your Monthly Clubs account.
  • How do I change my plan? - Click here to log into your account and manage all your monthly club plans. Or email us at and we will give you a hand.
  • Can I have my Quilt Now subscription shipped with my Monthly Club Box? - Unfortunately, no, not at this time. The Monthly Club Box ships in regular USPS priority envelopes and boxes, none of which are suitable for shipping a magazine (especially when there is fabric in the package as well). 
  • How do I cancel my Club Box? - Click here to log into your account, or email us at