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Do you go through a spool of thread every month? How about needles or Flatter? Our new Notions Club has you covered!

How It Works

Step One: Go here to sign up for the Notions Club.

Step Two: Choose the notions you want to receive from our handy checklist.  (Don't forget shipping!)

Step Three: Kick back and relax knowing that every month you'll receive a package with exactly what you need. 

It's really that easy! You can adjust the contents of your box month-to-month right from your account. And even better, you can combine other monthly clubs with your Notions Club box - have it all arrive at once and save money on shipping!

Your Notions Club bills on the 28th of each month and ships the 30th (except for February, when it ships on the 28th). 


Pricing And Subscriptions

Each Notions Club is unique, the cost determined by your own personal selections and the shipping option you choose. Scroll down on this page to find a full list of our products and their prices. Click on the links to find out more about the individual products, then come back here to sign up for your monthly Notions Club!


* Blades purchased as part of your Notions Club Subscription are discounted from regular price.



    • This is awesome, how do I sign up? Click on this link to sign up for the Monthly Notions Club!
    • When will my first Notions Club be shipped? - Your first Notions Club will ship on the 30th of the month you sign up (and if you sign up in February it'll ship on the 28th).
    • When will my Notions Club ship each month? - Your Notions Club will ship on the 30th. 
    • Can I combine other monthly clubs with this one to save on shipping? If you'd like to save on shipping by having all of your orders ship together, you can do so by signing up for a Monthly Club Box subscription! Check out our Monthly Club Box page to see how it works!
    • Can I add other fabric from your store to my monthly Notions Club package? - No. Sorry, I won't be able to add anything else in your envelope. 
    • When will my Notions Club be billed? - Your first month will be billed right away.  For every month after that you will be billed on the 28th. This club is set to auto-renew each month so you will need to cancel or email us when you would like to stop your shipments.
    • How do I change my Credit Card Information? - Click Here to log into your Notions Club account information.
    • How do I change my plan? - Click here to log into your account and manage all your monthly club. Or email us at and we will help you change plans.
    • How do I cancel my Notions Club? - Click Here to log into your account, or email us at