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Quilt Now Magazine Subscription




If you adore quilting and patchwork and love contemporary fabric then Quilt Now is your perfect companion. Each issue of Quilt Now is filled with beautiful quilting projects and patchwork techniques from some of the leading experts worldwide.  Curated and Edited by the lovely Katy Jones (from I'm a Ginger Monkey and Quilt Monkey). Katy has a fresh and knowledgeable approach to quilting.  




Produced by quilters for quilters, every issue showcases stunning quilting projects, from full-size bed quilts to lap quilts, cushions, bags and accessories, all using the latest, widely-available fabrics. You’ll find inspiring ideas for refreshing your home décor plus great gift and fun quick-make creations. Every issue comes with free gifts too, including essential quilting tools, sewing project kits and much more!  Each issue is beautifully photographed and curated with fresh and modern color palette.  

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a skilled quilter, every issue will inspire and introduce new techniques and fabrics to kick-start your next project.



Quilt Now Magazine Plans

   Quilt Now Magazine - Single Issue Plan - $11.99 + Shipping

   Quilt Now Magazine - 6 Issue Plan - $71.94 + Free US Shipping (Reduced Rates for International Customers)

   Quilt Now Magazine - 13 Issue Plan - $155.87 + Free US Shipping (Reduced Rates for International Customers)


Shipping charges will be determined based upon plan and where your fabric is being sent. Please make sure you select the correct shipping option, or your order may not ship! Shipping charges are subject to change if the USPS rates increase. You will get plenty of notice if this is going to happen.


Shipping Rates

    U.S. - $4.55
    Canada - $16.75
    Everywhere else (Worldwide) - $23.75

Shipping Rates (6mo / 12mo Subscription)

    U.S. - Free Shipping!
    Canada - $6.81/mo ($9.50 - $2.69 Credit)
    Everywhere else (Worldwide) - $12.39/mo ($15.08 - $2.69 Credit)


Free local pick-up also available!



  • Why a thirteen issue plan rather than twelve? 13 issues is a year-long subscription. This is because Quilt Now is published on a 28 day schedule. We've included a handy calendar at the bottom page that shows the publication/billing dates for each issue of the first year.
  • When will my first magazine be shipped? - If you sign up between now and the 17th 2014, your first issue will be issue #1, which will ship approximately the last week of July/first week of August. 
  • When can I expect each issue of Quilt Now to ship? - Quilt Now is on a 28 day publication schedule. You can expect your magazine to arrive 28 days after the previous one, give or take a few days to account for weekends and variation in shipping times. You can see the publication/billing date for each issue of the first year by checking out the calendar at the bottom of this page. Shipping dates will generally be about two weeks after publication date. 
  • Why such a big gap between publication date and shipping date? Quilt Now is a British publication, and the publication date is the day it becomes available there. We then have to wait for Quilt Now to arrive to us via international mail before it can be distributed to you. And because of the vagaries of international mail, all of our ship dates are approximations; they could be a little sooner or a little later, depending on the circumstances of the month. 
  • When will my magazine be billed? - Your first issue will be billed right away, and you will receive it as soon as it has been published. Starting with your second issue, you will be billed on the publication date of the new magazine. Publication dates are shown on the calendar at the bottom of this page. This club is set to auto-renew so you will need to cancel or email us when you would like to stop your shipments.
  • If I've chosen the Single Issue plan, will I receive a magazine each time one is published? Yes, you will be billed every 28 days and receive a magazine a week to ten days later (on average). The advantage to choosing the Single Issue plan over the 6 or 13 Issue plan subscription is that you can cancel anytime. 
  • If I've paid for a 6 Issue or 13 Issue subscription, why am I being billed every 28 days? Although you may receive a "billing statement", this is merely a notification that your magazine for that cycle has been processed. There's no additional charge once you've purchased a subscription of 6 or 13 issues. 
  • Can I combine other monthly clubs with this one to save on shipping? Yes! Check out our Monthly Club Box page to see how!
  • Can I add other fabric from your store to my magazine subscription? - No. Sorry, we won't be able to add anything else to your package.
  • Can I order older issues of Quilt Now? - Yes, if we have extra issues they will be available for regular purchase in our store. The only way to reserve your copy, however, is by becoming a subscriber.
  • How do I change my Credit Card Information? - Click Here to log into your account information.
  • How do I change my plan? I want to sign up for a longer plan to take advantage of free shipping! - Click Here to log into your account information. Also, you may Contact Us and we will help you change plans.
  • How do I cancel my membership? - Click Here to log into your account information. Free shipping is based on an active 6 month or 13 month subscription. Any refunds from early cancellations will be adjusted based on shipping costs of the shipped magazines. 
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