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Soak Club

Do you love Soak? So do we! These gentle, environmentally-friendly products are perfect for the garments and fabrics you care most about. And now you can have them delivered right to your doorstep each and every month!

How It Works

Step One: Go here to sign up for the Soak Club.

Step Two: Choose the Soak products you want to receive from our handy checklist.  (Don't forget shipping!)

Step Three: Kick back and relax knowing that every month you'll receive a package with exactly what you need. 

It's really that easy! You can adjust the contents of your box month-to-month right from your account. 

Your Soak Club bills on the 28th of each month and ships the 30th (except for February, when it ships on the 28th). 

What Is Soak?

Soak is a full line of environmentally-friendly washes, smoothing sprays, and personal products designed to treat your fabric as gently as you treat yourself.  Love it. Make it. Wear it. Soak it.

You can click on any of the links below to find out more about individual Soak products. And when you're ready to start receiving Soak each and every month, you can come back here and sign up for a Soak Club membership!



  • This is awesome, how do I sign up? Click on this link to sign up for the Monthly Soak Club!
  • When will my first Soak Club be shipped? - Your first Soak Club will ship on the 30th of the month you sign up (and if you sign up in February it'll ship on the 28th).
  • When will my Soak Club ship each month? - Your Soak Club will ship on the 30th. 
  • Can I combine other monthly clubs with this one to save on shipping? If you'd like to save on shipping by having all of your orders ship together, you can do so by signing up for a Monthly Club Box subscription! Check out our Monthly Club Box page to see how it works!
  • Can I add other fabric from your store to my monthly Soak Club package? - No. Sorry, I won't be able to add anything else in your envelope. 
  • When will my Soak Club be billed? - Your first month will be billed right away.  For every month after that you will be billed on the 28th. 
  • How do I change my Credit Card Information? - Click Here to log into your Soak Club account information.
  • How do I change my plan? - Click here to log into your account and manage all your monthly club. Or email us at admin@pinkcastlefabrics.com and we will help you change plans.
  • How do I cancel my Soak Club? - Click Here to log into your account, or email us at admin@pinkcastlefabrics.com.