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COSMO Embroidery Floss – Size 25 in 426 (8m)

COSMO Embroidery Floss – Size 25 in 426 (8m)

  • $1.20
SKU: 2512-426
Collection: COSMO Size 25 Floss
Manufacturer: Lecien
Material: Cotton

One of our basic COSMO Embroidery flosses, Size 25 is made exclusively out of Extra-long staple cotton of top quality. Available in 462 colors (6 skeins / box).

In 1950, COSMO Embroidery Floss was launched with a wide assortment of 195 colors. Since then, our collection has been expanded to 462 beautiful colors, and we have become manufacturers of not only flosses but also embroidery cloth, tools, and instruction books. COSMO products are renowned and beloved in Japan and all over the world, includiing North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Our secret to producing the superior quality embroidery products is our strong commitment to using only the best raw materials and manufacturing processes, which results in the vivid colors and soft silky textures that you enjoy today!