Now You See It, Now You Don't - Printed Quilt Pattern from Modern Country by Mary Elizabeth Kinch | Modern quilting fabrics by Pink Castle Fabrics
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Now You See It, Now You Don't - Printed Quilt Pattern

SKU: 1502
Collection: Modern Country
Designer: Mary Elizabeth Kinch
A photo, in a home decorating magazine, of a folded black and white antique quilt crowning a stack of quilts set on a chair, captured both my eye and my curiosity. I loved the visual interplay between the small squares and the larger squares on point. I just had to recreate it. Paper and pencil in hand, I started working out what the block construction might be and started laughing before I was done. It wasn’t obvious at first glance that a popular block, the churn dash, is the heart of this quilt, but it is the monochromatic colour scheme that gives this block arrangement its captivating graphic appeal. When you look at it, what do you see first? The churn dash block or those graphic squares?
Finished Size: 61″ x 61″