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Simply Color Yellow

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SKU: TP LS0009
Designer: V and Co.
Manufacturer: Lucky Spool

Simply Color: Yellow, the brightest volume in this multi-color series. Each book in this rainbow series features 6 patchwork projects celebrating a single color. In this case, it’s yellow – in all its sunshiny variations ­­– showcased in 4 quilts and 2 smaller, quick-to-make projects, clearly explained with the help of 50 illustrations. If sunny yellow is one of your favorite colors ­– you’ll love this book. From the first page, Simply Color: Yellow treats you to a cheerful adventure that takes you from the palest lemon to dandelion to school-bus yellow. Unleash the creative side of your quilting skills as you mix and match bright fabrics in solids and prints, combine a variety of tones and tints of this happy hue, and explore fresh new designs. Ideal for adventurous beginners and intermediate quilters. Following a pattern is only a small piece of what goes into creating gorgeous patchwork projects. Each book in this series will introduce you to: Color Theory – hues, tints, tones, shades and value, Color Combinations – triad, tetrad, complementary, split complementary, 6 Patchwork Projects – gorgeous designs in shades of one color. A crayon box for quilters! The Simply Color Series features all the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple/Gray. Collect the entire series and learn how a deeper understanding of color can inspire you and add impact to every quilting or crafting project you take on.